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List of minor AD stories Wikipedia Cradlegrave Cradlegrave is a body horror comic story which ran in AD , written by John Smith, with art by Edmund Bagwell It is set What is cradle to grave definition and meaning Definition of cradle to grave From creation to disposal throughout the life cycle The term is used in a number of business contexts, Cradlegrave Albion British Comics Database Wiki FANDOM Cradlegrave is a horror strip by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell, first published in AD progs to in and later published as a trade paperback Revisiting Cradlegrave Hugh Platt Medium First appearing in the UK weekly anthology comic AD, Cradlegrave is one of the most criminally overlooked stories published in comics anytime in the last decade cradlegrave s items for sale on Carousell Trades only Refunds Exchanges Currently taking pre orders for affordable swimwear and sunglasses Preorder closes every Friday Will be getting Cradlegrave by John Smith Goodreads Cradlegrave book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers. Thoughts Of A Workshy Fop Cradlegrave AD The reason for that digression is to let you know that when I discuss the setting of John Smith s AD series Cradlegrave, I m know what he s talking about. AD Shop Cradlegrave AD is Britain s cult sci fi comic, and has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since It s a multi award winning cocktail of explosive sci Cradlegrave comic Read Cradlegrave comic online in high Read Cradlegrave comic online free and high quality Fast loading speed, unique reading type All pages just need to scroll to read next page Cradlegrave TPB Read Cradlegrave TPB comic online in Read Cradlegrave TPB comic online free and high quality Unique reading type All pages just need to scroll to read next page.


Title : Cradlegrave
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781907992469
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 96 Pages
Status : Available For Download
Last checked : 21 Minutes ago!

Cradlegrave Reviews

  • C.
    2019-07-03 04:01

    The artwork in this is superb, and the atmosphere genuinely creepy.

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-07-11 10:02

    Glad to see a collected edition for perhaps the queasiest story 2000AD ever published.

  • Nigel
    2019-07-08 07:38

    Shane comes home to Ravenglade council estate after eight months inside for arson. The estate swelters under the long hot summer and sticks from piles of accumulated rubbish, but there’s something truly rotten festering in one of the houses. While the dead-end kids drink and get wasted, tensions mount, and a terrible accident prompts a fateful encounter. The horror of desperate lives seeking escape through addiction and crime in a deteriorating world meets body horror and psychological terror. Razor-sharp writing and incredible art brings a story of sickening tension and tightening suspense and mounting dread to life. Surely one of the most horrifying stories to ever appear in 2000AD, it’s a minor masterpiece of British horror. It’s the realism social setting that grounds it fully, though.

  • Heather V~The Other Heather~
    2019-07-15 05:43

    Wow. I just read the entire thing in one go, more or less, and I'm still a bit...queasy? I don't even have the words for it, really.The story sounds basic enough: Young bloke Shane comes home after eight months in borstal for arson, and while his intentions seem good in the beginning, he falls back in with the same old troublesome crowd, including his best mate Callum and even his little brother Craig, and they get themselves into a right mess. Elderly neighbour Ted, who's been nursing his ailing wife for some time, is afraid of the kids in their housing development; they've vandalized his house and bullied him on the streets for ages. But when Shane returns to the place known as Cradlegrave, Ted takes some comfort in that; he's always liked Shane, trusts him more than the rest of that lot, and he hopes Shane will be able to help rein in some of the chavs who've been giving him - and thereby his housebound wife, Mary, indirectly - such a fright. But this is not a normal story. At all. There's something happening at Ted's house, something going on with Mary and her recovery, that cannot possibly be described here - you simply have to read the book and take in the artwork - which ignites the entire neighbourhood of Cradlegrave into insane behaviour. Suddenly Ted and Mary's house seems to become more of a shrine to the local chavs than a target. But why? Again, I say, you've gotta see it for yourself.My complaints: As unique as the artwork is in this book, I sometimes had a hard time telling the difference between most of the male characters. Shane is meant to be the centrepiece of this story, but occasionally I'd have to go back a few panels to see if I was actually looking at him, or if it was Callum, or Craig, or other local gits like Skully or Tozzer. Because everything is done in such dim and neutral colours, it's sometimes tough to get a grasp of who you're reading right away.My praise: The atmosphere. My god. Somehow there is a marriage of art and words - really gorgeous, horrifying turns of phrase in the narration, not to mention dead-on dialogue for the Scouse folk who star in the book - that gets under your skin very, very quickly. The wording is so descriptive, and the artwork so true to life, that you can almost smell the rubbish that's out on the streets during their "bin men" strike. There are moments where you get to see inside Shane's head, witness his night terrors, and they are incredibly vivid and unsettling. And then there's...whatever is happening over 'round Ted and Mary's. It's not easy to understand, and it's downright impossible to explain or describe, but ugh, you will feel like you're there. With everything that entails. You can taste it. And it's not pleasant. But it sure as hell is immersive. There are moments of sheer brilliance in the language of the narration. Quotations that leap off the page and right into your mind's eye. Take these, for example:"Three days now. Three days since Shane went into hospital and that bastard Skully got out the nick, and he hasn't heard from either of them. Cal'd be worried if he wasn't so wasted. It's a sick, gnawing high like a hacksaw in his head. Everything shivery and shimmery and too bright. Tinfoil in a dirty pond.""Ted feels brittle and unreal today. Dumbstruck in the kiln of high summer, but cold in his bones. Perhaps he's come down with something. He doesn't want to go home yet but he goes home anyway. Where else was he supposed to go? Home to Mary, stifling in the hothouse gloom like something rare and strange coming into bloom. He never knows what will be waiting for him next.""It was inside him now. That sickly, randy feeling, skin prickling with sweat. Pressure on his eardrums like being underwater. And the smell growing stronger... Sweet. Fertile. Goat and peardrops. Honey. Wet dog and Dettol and rancid butter."One of Shane's night terrors: "Fitful dreams lit by firelight. Down, down, down the rusty spiral staircase into a forest of puppets. Operating room doors swing open onto the gutting bays. Clang of anvils. Snuffle of wet razors on leather strops. Babies crying like pigs in the abatoir. Something dying. Something being born. ... Down again. Plummeting fast past floors of wonders and atrocities. Charred mannequins posed in obscene positions. Slick, wet newborns crawling over used syringes and crumpled foil. Flanks quilled with dirty needles, sow udders leaking blood and pus. ... And he's buried alive in the grave of his body. Dark pressing down to stifle his screams. Can't move. Can't breathe. Furnace heat of the crematorium."Now imagine a wordsmith like John Smith (fitting, that) having extraordinary, evocative pictures (by Edmund Bagwell) to go along with all of the above. You can see why this is nightmare material. It's almost poetry in places, but so dark and twisted that you don't quite realize it until you've closed the book and come up for air. If you're looking for something totally unlike anything you've read before, something that feels like it could've been the bastard child of "Coronation Street" and "Trainspotting" and David Cronenberg, pick this up. It will screw with your mind. It's a feast for your eyes. Although...perhaps that's a poor choice of words...

  • Frances
    2019-06-25 04:58

    Lovely and creepy, but overall I found it ended on slightly too upbeat a note. Still, worth reading.

  • Loudelah0
    2019-07-07 09:35

    This graphic novel was just so creepy, but amazing!Only near the very end of this novel I realised it was actually set in Belfast! That ma city!! Love reading things set it your home city..I really liked how (now that I realised) the author incorporated the Belfast slang and accent into the characters!I honestly wish the story was longer, as I found it might have had a stretched out storyline at the start and then just got rushed ahead to finally finish it, all in all I really enjoyed the storyline and the main characters and how they lived their life, how they go from one set personality to boom a whole new person! Defiantly recommend if you're looking for a good creep and a laugh!

  • Carl
    2019-07-09 02:02

    Too bad they don't yet have the cover image here on goodreads. I suppose by some of the comments there are sequels to this first in the Cradlegrave series. It ended up being a very noteworthy graphic novella experience. Tells the tale of a lower class English neighborhood, nicknamed Cradlegrave. No future generation type youths become addicted to the "black milk" of a diseased, bedridden old woman who never had children of her own. As she continues to metamorphose into a horrible cthulu-like creature, the lives of the youths and the villagers unravel. Very artfully done, chilling horror tale.

  • Pryder
    2019-07-10 06:03

    It had the makings of a decent wee horror story. But the urban decay, estate living, hoodie, asbo, and chav aspects felt a little forced and out of touch. If there's a sequel then I'd be interested to read it, because this felt half done. The build up to the very unsatisfying "climax" and the sudden ending after that... well...You can see what the writer tried to do and what he was aiming for. This could make a decent wee sinister horror movie with a bit of rewriting of the ending. But it wasnt much to write home about as a comic.

  • Tony
    2019-06-21 01:54

    Genuinely unsettling tone and in an authentic feeling voice. Wraps up a bit too quickly but the journey there is good.