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Title : 國王遊戲 滅亡6.08
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ISBN : 9789571049359
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 335 Pages
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國王遊戲 滅亡6.08 Reviews

  • Mizuki
    2019-05-31 02:42

    Preview: The King's Game: Elimination 6.08, book 4 of the series, let's see how things will turn out!Okay...the idea of the King's Game is very entertaining and interesting: a mysterious figure known only as King is forcing highschool students of the entire Japan region to join a twisted deadly game called "The King's Game", if the students failed to obey the King's orders they would face certain death, and now every single student in Japan must fight for survival. Who wouldn't love such a concept?But sadly the main characters are still a bunch of cardboard cutout and I just can't bring myself to care about any of them. From start to end I read the book in utter indifference because I don't care if any of the character lives or dies. Even the villains are wooden and their motive of starting the King's Game looks very shallow and unconvincing.The one and only halfway-interesting character is the Prime Minister of Japan, who is willing to save the country and the majority of the Japanese population by sacrificing the lives of most, if not all, Japanese high school kids; I like how he made his decisions in the end and how you can't simply cross him off as a bad guy. Half of the book is spent to describe high school students turning against each other and how ugly those students can get once they're forced to kill other people to survive, but sadly the horror is the same level with those very gross, violent video games. The death scenes provoke zero reaction from me because the scenes are too clearly for shock value only.Also I am very pissed off by the fact that there's no limitation to the King's power (the King can kill whoever he/she feels like in the book, it really sucks) and he/she changed his/her own rule majorly at the end of the book. That's just fifty shades of suckass.