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Title : Prohibition: America Makes Alcohol Illegal
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ISBN : 9781562945299
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Prohibition: America Makes Alcohol Illegal Reviews

  • Kiera Beddes
    2019-02-05 22:57

    Genre: Non-fiction, prohibition, gangsters, government, alcoholSummary: In the latter part of the 19th century, temperance movements around the country succeeded in passing the 18th amendment which outlawed the consumption of alcohol. The book details the roots of the movement, from the foundation of the American colonies all the way through the 1930's when the 18th amendment was repealed by the 21st amendment. The book also details how Prohibition affected American society through the rise of women's rights, to organized crime, corruption in government and the Great Depression. It is an interesting insight into the history of the time period, with interesting excerpts focusing on unique people and their contributions of the time period.Response: This book is very similar to the other non-fiction text I read,Farewell, John Barleycornbecause they address the same time period, people and circumstances. I felt that this book however, was geared toward a younger audience thanBarleycornjust because of the writing. The author, Daniel Cohen, made sure to define and describe what may be considered unfamiliar terms like "Prussianism" and "bolshevistic". Although not everyone might know these terms, those who are somewhat familiar with history could make an educated guess. Cohen, by defining these, plus many other terms, is assuming that his audience can't make that educated guess. So while this book addresses many of the same issues asBarleycornI would use it with a much younger crowd.